Scales of War

32b -- Appearance of Astrazalian

Notes from Laeon, a scribe travelling with the party to Overlook:

The Astrazalian island is four mile island situated in the middle of a calm lake. The morning is peaceful and clear. A perfect day. Dozens of visitors to Astrazalian line the shore, some fishing, some meditating, some checking the wares they hope to sell. Some travellers share meals together while loners stay away from the groups.

As the sun approaches its zenith, a wind begins to blow and the lake begins to churn. Water spray obscures my view of the island. The wind picks up even more until I hear an explosion coming from the island and am hit with a gust strong enough to knock me down. When the spray subsides I see the shimmering white spires of the city towering over the tall white and red stone walls.

There is a brief silence as the scene is taken in, then all of the visitors start to cheer and laugh. And prepare their rafts to sail half a mile to the island. Then someone points and says, “What’s that?”

A giant figure falls from the city wall. It holds a huge wooden shield over it’s head to protect itself from the arrows above as it performs some magic to summon a horse. The crowd around gasps and murmurs nervously as the giant rides it horse across the water. Arrows pepper it’s back but it glares back with it’s large, deformed eyes, and the archers fall from the wall. More archers take their place and ballistae from the siege towers train on the giant. Finally, a ball of flame erupts from a large siege tower, toasting the giant. The giant summoned horse disappears as the charred corpse sinks into the lake. The visitors exhale a sigh of relief and start to cheer. Untill…

Two more giants farther away are seeen making an escape and a flash of fire in the distance indicates more on the other side of the island. The defense takes them all out but misses a third giant heading vaguely in my direction. Eventually the siege flamer trains on it and hits it squarely with a massive ball of flame. For a moment I think the giant was vaporized or drowned but a moment later a small cloud of darkness appears almost to the shore and his charred body jumps out and begins to swim towards the shore. The ballistae continue to shoot but are not accurate at this range.

Elan grows serious. More serious than I have ever seen. She speaks in plain common explaning this creature is a terrible threat and her duty is to destroy it. I have never heard her talk of duty before. She then summarizes the terrible abilities of the creature quickly and efficiently, almost as if reciting the memory of past studies. Finally she gives tactical advice, ordering her companions to fan out.

The giant, a Fomorian Initiate, lumbers out of the water to be met by Adren’s arrows. His glare is fierce, so fierce that rips Adren from his hiding place and teleports him fifteen feet away. The pain of the teleport lingers on, judging from Adren’s expression.

Mere arrows cannot stop the Fomorian. As he lumbers out of the tide, he trains his grotesque eye upon Adren who yelps confusedly and looks around as if he cannot see the Fomorian. The Fomorian blasts Longbreath and Gilbain with fire, psychic, and the essence of death. They survive, possibly inspired by Longbreath’s encouragement.

With this, the Defenders of Brindol attack in earnest. The water and sand hampers their movements but Elan casts a spell and the giant’s small eye closes, as if asleep. With his heavy body sinking so far in the sand he struggles to move and The Defenders surround him and finally slay him.

The Defenders examine the giant’s belongings and then ask me if I have heard of an Incunabulum Primeval. I haven’t.


Should it be Fomorian (not Formorian)?

32b -- Appearance of Astrazalian

Originally Laeon misspelled it but that has now been corrected.

32b -- Appearance of Astrazalian

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