Scales of War

34a - Tension in Overlook

The heroes went to the temple of Bahamut to find why funds were being diverted away from Donaar in Brindol. The priest who was consulted on this hadn’t been seen in days but the party did find out that the money was funneled to remodel the old temple to Moradin, so they headed there. They found the Freeriders doing guard duty and one of the Ironfell dwarves held some sort of grudge against the party. After asking around, the party learned that the Ironfell clan lost a lot of money due to some of the actions of the heroes.

Since money from all religions was being diverted to Moradin, the party started asking about other missing priests and found that the caretaker of the shrine to Erathis went missing over a week ago. The party spoke to the replacement, Grovald, and didn’t get a good feeling from him. An old lady also shared her concern that Grovald was not a good man.

The party decided to stake out Grovald with Adren and Elan’s pet bird. Adren noticed two humans hiding nearby. He was uncertain of their motives but signaled the bird to summon the party. The party came down from the nearby tavern and was discussing what to do when they saw a group of thugs rushing down the street towards them. There was a big brawl, the two hidden assassins joined in, and Grovald himself engaged. Grovald was tough but fought to the death.



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