Scales of War

36 -- Mountainroot Temple

The heroes fought another group of thugs, dopplegangers, and well-dressed citizens who had psionic powers.Initially they came in as guards but they were acting strangely and Biatch didn’t trust them so she let out a howl from a catwalk and jumped down on one of the guards. Chaos insued but the Defenders of Brindol came out okay.

After some serious searching they found a trapdoor leading to a hallway and a small cell. Inside the cell was the real High Priest Durkik but he warned that the door was trapped. Elan feystepped inside to evaluate the trap and determined that it was nasty so she freed him from his chains and gave him water.

Durkik explained that he had been tortured and questioned about Mountainroot Temple but wouldn’t give away any more information until he was freed, lest the party be dopplegangers in disguise.

Rather than disarm the trap they looked for other ways to get Durkik out. They searched for a hidden key and asked the Red Wizards for a portal but didn’t have any luck. Then someone suggested that Gilbain could teleport Durkik out of the cell.

“I can’t do that,” Gilbain said, “it’s a divine gift to be used on my enemies. Besides, I can hardly see Durkik through the bars, let alone stick him with my sword.”
Longbreath saw the opportunity and planted the healing Banner of Brindol. “Everyone, concentrate on the banner so that it will heal Durkik.” Then he turned to Gilbain. “Gilbain, you have to use your divine power against me to teleport yourself into the cell and then use that power against Durkik.”
“I can’t do that,” said Gilbain, “that would be an misuse of…”
Longbreath interrupted, “Shut it! I don’t want to hear excuses. How many people are going to die because that dwarf won’t talk? How many have already died?”
“True, but I still won’t misuse divine power, even for a noble purpose.”
“Don’t give me excuses! You are pathetic. You were too weak and scrawny to cut it as a paladin so you took to reading and preaching, but you weren’t even good at that! You have no discipline, no honor, and no friends.”
“Hey, that’s just mean.”
“Mean? People are dying and you think I am being mean? You disgust me!” and with that, Longbreath pushed Gilbain.
“Don’t push me, lizard, back off.”
“Or what, Scrawny-man? surprised you can even hold a sword in one hand. You can’t hurt me, you can’t hurt a tough dwarf like Durkik. You are small and weak.” And Longbreath pushed him again.
“I said that’s enough!” Gilbain lept up and punched Longbreath in the eye, teleporting him such that he stumbled and fell into the barred door of the cell while Gilbain found himself inside the cell. Infuriated, he said, “And you, Durkik, you will tell us what is going on and how to stop it!” and he punched the poor dwarf squarely in the jaw, teleporting both outside the cell.

Gilbain stood panting while everyone else looked flabbergasted. Longbreath rubbed his swollen eye and said, “nice punch. I’m sorry about what I said. You know I didn’t mean it.”
“You meant half of it,” Gilbain replied bitterly.
“Maybe 10 percent of it.”
“I know you think I did the right thing but you are mistaken. There is a convenant between me and Bahamut that transcends mundane problems. I broke my oath. I will make penance and I will never do it again.”
“Then I am sorry for my part in that. But at least Durkik is safe.” Longbreath replied.

Durkik explained that General Ziruun wanted to know about the defenses of Mountainroot Temple and might have been after the Incunabulum Primeval. He didn’t know much of the defenses other than they are controlled by someone called “The Caretaker”. He asked the party to go to the temple to stop General Ziruun and to bring the book back to Durkik. The party agreed although they had some misgivings about retrieving the book and decided they might leave the book in the temple if it seemed safer there.

The party rested in the Stone Anvil and early in the morning went to warn the council of the doppelganger threat to Overlook. Durkik helped very much and the party was relieved that at least his voice would be trusted. Then Durkik showed them the secret door to the sepulcher which he had taken an oath never to enter.



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