Scales of War

41 -- Council of War

The party explored the makeshift house in the large chamber and found a Deva chained to a bed frame. He had been tortured nearly insane but after half an hour of healing and calming he was able to speak. He explained that the general had tried to coerce control of the Temple from the Caretaker, primarily the astral portal. The Caretaker had not relinquished complete control, although some of the temple defenses had been compromised. When the Caretaker was woken up, the normal entrances were unlocked and General Zithruun had fled.

Before the party left, they helped the Caretaker perform a ritual to cleanse the temple and asked about the Incunabulum Primeval. The Caretaker did not like to see the book leave Mountainroot Temple but since the high priest of Moradin needed it, he was willing to part with it.

A secret door behind a statue led to a treasure room inhabited by some harpies and slain Fey. The harpies explained that a cloaked man came in, slew their friends, grab and convenient treasure, and left through a secret door. The heroes followed the secret door and left the temple.

Back in Overlook they were immediately summoned to the council. Being tired, bruised, and distrustful they demanded to see Dirkuk himself. In time Dirkuk arrived and escorted them to meet with the high council. They stood with the high council on the tall dias and described their experiences.

Incidents in and around Overlook combined with the intelligence provided by the party revealed that Overlook was being threatened with immediate attack. Soon there were reports of fighting in the streets, a missing council member, and a horde of trolls and other creatures massing at the wall.

The party left to search for the missing council member when they saw smoke and fire. Investigation revealed three ghoulish creatures flying around dropping fire pots on wooden roofs. The party engaged but found that the berbelang could create copies of himself. Between that and his ability to fly, the heroes had a tough fight on their hands. In the end they were able to defeat the creature and kept the burning from spreading to more than few houses.



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