Avenger/Cleric of Bahamut


“Greatsword, cloth armor and Bahamut’s power”

Gilbain’s holy symbol (RDR)



Gilbain became an orphan at an age around 10 (I don’t think he has a good idea of what really happened) and was adopted by a female paladin of Bahamut (Lillah was already past her most active adventuring and was leading a quiet and dignified life). Her example of goodness and nobility and her stories of valor gave him faith in Bahamut and the dream of becoming a mighty and righteous paladin. He was much more agile than strong however, and Lillah used him for various errands in the city (maybe a town near Overlook) – like spying some corrupt town official and then reporting to Lillah what he had overheard and seen. Lillah was an obstruct to some important folk and their business and the accident that ultimately lead to her death Gilbain readily attributed to a councilman with illegal dealings. The captain of the guard seemed very reluctant to investigate and Gilbain soon found himself an unwanted person in that town.

Gilbain started priestly studies in Overlook as an novice/acolyte in the Bahamut temple. He kept alive the dream of becoming a valiant defender of Faith and a strong seeker of Justice. The way many priests valued knowledge over action was not what Gilbain had been seeking. His teachers might say, however, that it is was his lack in intellect that was the cause. Nevertheless, those were some trying times for him – should he keep with the faith or to seek something else? However, before long he found his true religious mentor in Josseth Crownblade. He showed him the path that fit him perfectly – an Avenger of Just Causes in the name of Bahamut. None of that hiding behind bulky armor, but reliance on the power of Bahamut to protect and bringing quick judgment to those deserving Bahamut’s wrath.

Gilbain believes that justice must be served and without delay – the wicked will not have a claim in mercy from him. Especially he has repugnant feelings, even hatred, towards those whose wealth has corrupted them, but the humble and virtuous will always find a friend in him. He has sworn to stand up against injustice and cruelty.


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