Tag: Female


  • Biatch

    Biatch: Class: Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, Fighter Weapon Talent Feats: Action Surge, Power Attack Powers: At Wills: Cleave, Sure Strike, Reaping Strike Powers Encounter: Spinning Sweep Powers Daily: Brute …

  • Jalissa

    An Eladrin acolyte from the college of Ioun in Brindol. She was rescued from [[Rivenroar]]. Recently [[Hiram]] send her to Overlook with an urgent message from [[Sertanian]] to the Defenders of Brindol. Knows magic missile.

  • Reness

    female half-elf with a bow Looking for [[Modra]] who was apparently behind [[Farstriders]] demise has a rune stone to communicate with the [[Defenders of Brindol]] who got Jen's stone from [[Tusk]]

  • Amyria

    Lady who was bound in a platinum sword. Release ceremony was performed by [[Elan]] at the [[Greystone]] fortress. Now suffers from memory loss, but feels bound for [[Overlook]] Evidently has skill with blade. Has visions of events of distant past. …

  • Zerriksa

    One of the captives rescued from [[Rivenroar]] by the [[Defenders of Brindol]]

  • Lady Shandria

    Ruler of [[Astrazalian]] Legendary military leader in the [[Eladrin]] centuries old struggle with never-ending [[Fomorian]] assaults