Male Dragonborn Paladin (level 5) now actually level 7 NPC

One of the original Defenders of Brindol

Town Justice of Brindol and now involved in the building of Bahamut’s temple/fortress there

ocher scales and golden eyes, a bit short and stocky for dragonborn

Clan: Strongscale

Religion: Bahamut (family serves Ioun)

Donaar’s holy symbol

_ _

At-will Powers: Bolstering Strike, Valiant Strike, Lay on Hands, Divine Challenge

Encounter Powers: Dragon Breath (acid), Radiant Smite, Righteous Smite, Channel Divine (Divine Strength, Divine Meddle, Armor of Bahamut)

Daily Powers: Paladin’s Judgement, Hallowed Circle

Utility Powers: Astral Speech

Feats: Armor of Bahamut, Healing Hands, Fast Runner

Trained Skills: Diplomacy, Endurance, Heal, Religion

_ _

Weapon: long sword

Armor: battleforged plate armor +1 with spikes, heavy bashing shield

Holy Symbol: Symbol of Hope +1 Platinum Scale


Scales of War ranger