Gilbain’s background

New member of the Defenders of Brindol.

Human Male level 9 Avenger/Priest (Bahamut)

Belongs to the Red Dawn of Righteousness (a Bahamut sect)

Equipment: Holy Symbol of Divinity +1, a long sword +3 Wicked Fang, cloth armor of staunching +1, cloak of translocation +2

Trained skills: Religion, Stealth, Perception, Acrobatics

Feats: Armor of Bahamut, Improved Armor of Faith, Initiate of Faith (Cleric multiclass), Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blades), Implement Expertise (Holy Symbol), Acolyte Power: change 2nd level utility for Cleric’s Shield of Faith, Demonbane

At-will Powers: Bond of Pursuit, Radiant Vengeange, Overwhelming Strike

Encounter Powers: Sequestering Strike, Shared Madness, Inexorable Pursuit, Channel Divinity: Abjure Undead (Avenger class feature), Divine Guidance (Avenger), Armor of Bahamut (feat)

Utility Powers: Cleric’s Shield of Faith (daily) and Healing Word (daily), Aspect of Agility (encounter), Wings of Vengence (encounter)

Daily Attack Powers: Bond of Foresight, Aspect of Might, Temple of Shadow

Planned Paragon Path: Zealous Assassin

Life as an NPC:

The priest assigned to Brindol by Fistanius is a human named Gilbain. He is a very good priest but has always wanted to be a paladin. Unfortunately for him he is a bit scrawny and uncoordinated. Those failings make him more accessible than the typical stoic priest of Bahamut. He’s young and his ideas are sometimes more creative and radical than the high priests like but he embodies Bahamut beliefs. All of the other priests saw going to Brindol as a demotion but he sees it as an adventure and opportunity.


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