Scales of War

40 -- Fight at the Museum

The heroes investigated the door and found a makeshift supply room guarded by two fey dwarves who ordered the party’s surrender. The party refused and instead allowed the dwarves to drop their weapons and live. The dwarves were last seen in the entry room.

Then the party investigated an area with sleeping cots, a library, and a forge. Two animated anvils attacked but were dispatched. The forge was the source of a blinding magical trap.

Next came the kitchen and dining rooms. There were dead bodies of fey creatures evidently killed by trolls.

Finally the group climbed the stairs leading to the reliquary. The doors opened onto a corridor with stairs leading to a platform in a large room. A hooded figure wearing a strange harness flew off the platform and left the field of view.

Then a large fight ensued. Trolls, dragonborn, and human mercenaries fought the party while some sort of living statue protected them. When they were all defeated, the statue assumed a frozen meditative stance.

After some reflection, Longbreath thought the hooded figure that others called General Ziruun might be the Githyanki general Zithiruun. He told the party, “General Zithiruun was a great military leader and hero to the githyanki of Tu’narath. It’s said that he was crippled and his mount slain in a battle against a sort of mighty dragon or fiend. Rumors disagree on whether he still lives and what position he might hold (if any) among the weakness-intolerant githyanki.”



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