Scales of War

44 -- Paragon Adventures

The party is now 11th level and ready to try their new powers.

Elan and Gilbain met with Dirkuk and received a message from Longbreath to gather the Defenders of Brindol and meet him in Drellin’s Ferry. If they couldn’t assemble the entire group, they could trust Kaaz and Balinor to aid them.

Finding Balinor was easy. He made his whereabouts well known and frequently checked in with the city guard. Kaaz was more difficult. Nobody knew where he lived and different people couldn’t agree on his physical description.

Elan did not have the patience to track anybody down. “Durkik,” she asked, “self yonder and return when you have ascertained Kaaz’s postposition.”

Durkik did not appreciate being ordered around. “You have some gall Lassie, to stand here in Moradin’s house… MY house and bark orders at me like a servant. I am the most powerful and respected holy man in all of Elsir Vale and if you weren’t a lady and didn’t just git finished saving Overlook, I’d punch you in the nose!”

“Like you could reach my nose…” Elan murmured.

“What was that?” Durkik roared?

“Nothing. Since your ascendance is beyond my entreaties perhaps you could requisition a subordinate.”

“Perhaps you should stuff your entreaties in your backside. Now leave me in peace!”

“Fine. I will inquisit upon hoi polloi.”

Elan did not notice a Dragonborn worshipping in a corner of the church within earshot of her conversion as she walked up to a praying human. “Excuse. Me. Yes, you sir. You can go back to praying when you have answered my questions. Do you know a Dragonborn named Kaaz?”

“Uh, no, I don’t think so”, he replied.

“You don’t think so? Come on. Kaaz. Not a common name. At least not here and now. Three hundred years ago, a clan leader named Kaazr gained some small renown and predictably a generation or two honored him with variation of his nomincure. But today, while not odd or out of place, it certainly isn’t common. So think hard. Do you know of a Dragonborn named Kaaz? And please try very hard not to be confused by some long dead warlord.”

The man started at her blankly, “uh.. I don’t know any Kaaz”.

“See? That was not so hard. Thank you.” She turned to the next worshipper, the dragonborn who had been watching her.

“You, sir. You have been listening to me. Do you know a Kaaz? And please do not make me recount the history of Kaazr the Relentless.”

The Dragonborn did not pause but answered plainly with a bit of amusement, “yes, I do know Kaaz.”

“Splendid. Where may I find him?”, Elan asked.

“Right here. I am Kaaz”, the dragonborn replied.

“Resplendid. I have much to tell you but before I begin you must suffice my query. What can change the nature of a man?”

Kaaz looked very amused, an expression often misinterpreted on a dragonborn, but Kaaz communicated it perfectly and easily replied, “Ah, a subject near and dear to my own heart. I would love nothing better than to spend countless hours discussing this, but I must know… why do you ask this?”

Elan answered simply, “so that I may judge how far to lower my speech for you to comprehend it.”

Elan, Gilbain, Balinor, and Kaaz set off for Drellin’s Ferry to meet Longbreath. Elan summoned Eladrin Steeds for a shorter and more comfortable ride. As they neared Drellin’s Ferry, they saw a familliar sight: combat. A force had occupied the fortified island in the middle of the river and the town was organizing to reclaim it. Strangely, when the group was spied by some locals they started laughing and announced, “hey, look everybody! The Defender’s of Brindol have arrived on cue to save us!” There was more laughing and someone exclaimed, “I think we can handle it this time. Why don’t you watch from the tavern. We’ll be sure to call you if we need your assistance.” There was more laughing. Perplexed, the heroes went to the river bank to get a closer look.

The occupiers were wearing chainmail and a heraldic tunic worn inside out. The catapult was operational but hurling bags of ash. Anyone hit by the ash yelled, “oh! They got me!”, laughed, and lay down. Some of the “wounded” would dust themselves off and wander to the tavern. The heroes learned that a drill was going on. The town had been training hard and was practicing for an attack. Balinor was very interested and watched carefully, taking mental notes of areas for improvement.

Since the group was tired they chose to enjoy the comforts of the tavern. The owner provided free cheap beer to the Heroes of Brindol and their two friends.

Elan struck up a conversation with a tiefling cloth merchant and asked if he knew of Longbreath. The rest of the party cautioned her, reminding her that assassins are looking for Longbreath. She responded that the tiefling clearly wasn’t an assassin but they should keep an eye on the travelling eladrin.

Just as the exercises were ending and the tavern was filling up, the walls started to shake and the earth started to rumble. The patrons headed for the door but Gilbain used his super human speed to get out first to survey the area. The earthquake wasn’t local to the tavern, but all of the buildings in the area were shaking and a plume of smoke could be seen in the north.

Meanwhile, rafters were falling and floors collapsing. The untrusting eladrin mercenary (or assassin?) fell to the cellar. Kaaz jumped after her to give his assistance, but before he could say anything she glared at him and use feystep to ascend to the tavern room. Kaaz sighed, “so much for chivalry” and climbed the stairs.

Nobody was seriously hurt by the earthquake but the plume of smoke was causing concern. The heroes ran out to find the source and came across a red flow that looked like lava, smelled like acid, and was the color of blood. It burned and dissolved anything in it’s path, but shapes of creatures could be seen in the billowing smoke.

Note: running out of steam. The heroes win a fight against some odd and scary beasts from the elemental chaos. Elan takes a sample of tentacle from the horrible huge tentacle monster. They save a villager about to be drowned in hot acid death.



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