Special Items

Items with special properties or of interest

  • Longbreath’s legendary Funeral Shroud and Stag Helm
  • Runed communication stone

    Sends a single sentence after given the command word in Giant ‘Sprechen’. Jen of the Farstriders had one and gave another to Reness. Jen’s stone was found on Tusk.

  • Ever-really-burning-torch ‘Ember’

    Has a hot flame. Can be snuffed out and relit. Found on an orc shaman in Nexus. He used it to light exploding canisters.

  • The brass key

    Activates a planar portal to Shadowfell. Found on a dark creeper in Nexus. Modra had a special interest on this.

  • Elan’s Feyweave hair pin

    Given by Hiram for unknown reasons (?) Worth 1000 gp.

Special Items

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